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Red head portraits? Think we love coloring our own hair and drawing portraits that have colored hairstyles? Yas with a sass! This weekend we are sharing some cool art pics from our table ❤

Also, to our new followers, Welcome to Brand Olishna! What? August already? Why do artists never realize the world is moving fast? We even forget to flip the calendar page! Whoa! But you know what, artists never learn! Probably the same story every month, everywhere! We even forget to take food, typical! If you are following our Instagram and our other Instagram for Livvy & Molly blog you know it already we are trying to post so much everyday. Not that my sis is doing my part and I am doing hers, so let’s do away with the idea that because we both are together in it so the whole job becomes easier, NOPE! Any joint venture, be it you living in a family or as duo friends or in a coupled relationship like boss-employee and gf-bf/married, will always have added responsibility. Working solo would mean you don’t have to adjust or make room for criticism from someone or that your sleeping hours would never crash with your partner because you don’t have a partner. Joint ventures can never be this or that… it is always about this “and” that. Two or more people have same arena and the space is less, you need to meet half way. You work co-dependently but with your set rules and your task completely your part of sh!t , not even in joint ventures should you let your partners do your job because it will cease to be a collaboration and remain as a solo project. To look at it again, let’s say nothing is solo, we all are connected to the next person. Your cab driver is also into it because you wouldn’t be doing your solo project if it weren’t for his speedy ways, and your mail man who carries your stuff all the way from post office is also your collaborative partner if you think of cosmic connection for bringing you your favorite things. We are all in it together and no one is letting the other take on more pressure than required, agreed? HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY, everyone. Make it happen, people!

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Hollywood Glam Illustrations

Hi, everyone! We are almost done with the month of June, ready to brace the July heat with many summer dreams. At Brand Olishna studio, we are planning to give the Hollywood glam a new look with concepts and other elements. I am very comfortable working with pen and paper, that’s my usual way. I love watercoloring, and this is my first artwork inspired by Natalie Portman’s photoshoot. I will be doing the details later on but I am so happy with how it turned out I thought I’d give you a Work-In-Progress pic. While Livvy is busy with her assignments, I thought of updating you guys with one of my recent works. if you are interested in buying something similar, please email at brandolishna@gmail.com Or simply DM us on our Instagram.





For collaborations please email at the same id.

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Enjoy your weekend, everyone. Love, Molly.

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Our New Online Shop!


Welcome to Brand Olishna. We are thrilled to announce that we are on Bigcartel now! Visit https://brandolishna.bigcartel.com to see our artworks! (Today is our blog anniversary and we couldn’t get a better day to break the news! )

If you follow us on Instagram already you know that we changed our live link and attached our shop url! The site is under construction, but you can inbox us on Facebook OR email us at brandolishna@gmail.com to buy ❤

Here’s to the beautiful artwork Livvy drew! She is such a talented sweetheart and I get to brag more because she is my baby sis ❤ We are keeping this aside for t-shirt printing. If you are interested in getting our art printed, please get in touch! Allow two days for us to get back to you. We are two girls who need to cook, get chores done, look after our birds, clean, blog, draw, and do everything all by ourselves, so a two-days time would be a safer way to say we do get tired of logging in and out to check every second who is emailing.  Would be amazing if you inbox on Facebook or Instagram regarding any collaborations.

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Have a sweet day, people ❤ Thank you for stopping by, please keep supporting us and following our little blog!

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Succulent Artwork 2017


Happy Monday, everybody! Here’s a fresh start to the week! With Succulents!

For the month of May we’ll be sketching more and more succulents. We love nature and are mothers of some sweet baby aloes. Anyone who doesn’t love succulents here? Please don’t answer that, how can someone stay away from succulents? They are all soo beautiful! If you fancy some succulent artworks please don’t feel shy. You need only email us at brandolishna@gmail.com and we’ll discuss what you’d like us to draw for you 🙂 Having a plant life as artwork at your work space or living room can give a joyful radiance to your life ❤

We ship worldwide ❤

We’d love to hear what your favorite flowers or plants are, may be you can help us what to draw next by suggesting names? Make sure you follow us here and Instagram ❤ And what out for our summer store where we’ll stock prints. And as always, you can order for a custom made artwork that will be just for you to keep!

We are so very happy to have so many bloggers on board, Brand Olishna is growing big everyday! We love you ❤

Have a great time, you all pretty people!

All artworks and content ©Brand Olishna

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April Fashion Illustrations and Portraits


Have you ever had days when you feel like things are about to end? Ah, not getting into proverbial Good Friday mood, but life goes the wrong way more often than not. Just had very shaky moments within my personal sphere, and we are not backing down. Let’s wage war against anything that is abusive. As you guys know, we have plans to launch our online store this summer with some original artworks. If you are interested in buying this one please book it right away! I am including more motifs and will keep updating on how it turns out. This will be watercolored and will be amazing to grace your drawing room or vanity room ❤ For custom artworks please email at brandolishna@gmail.com OR inbox on Facebook / Instagram and we’ll get back to you 🙂

We hope you enjoy your Easter weekend and yes, tomorrow we’ll post about a Christ themed artworks, hope you love them and spread the word ❤ And before you leave, please don’t forget to hit the follow button, fellow bloggers, because we want you to keep us with you ❤

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See You Tomorrow!


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Mandala Vase Art and Floral Designs


April, already?! Wow, 2017 is playing coy or frantic? We know the days are pretty long and tired here, but that should never stop us from doing our thang! Just few days away from the Holy Week, so we are real busy with some cool Christian Artworks. My sis and I are getting everything sorted before we launch our online shop. Meanwhile, enjoy a mandala themed art today, with some floral bits here and there 🙂 We would love for you to join us on Facebook and Insta so you stay connected to us ❤ For any custom art please email at brandolishna@gmail.com . We are talking about pet portraits, wedding dresses , outfits, designer couture portraits, crystals, fashion/beauty, architectures, almost anything you fancy decking up your walls and tables with! We draw on archival papers so you needn’t worry about the quality. Also, we ship worldwide! Contact us so we can decorate your rooms and spaces with our art! Prints will be available soon, on tote bags and clothing too!

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That’s it for today, see you around! ❤

All artworks and content ©Brand Olishna

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Venus Retrograde Artwork 2017


With Venus still retrograding, we thought about illustrating Venus with some lotus art ❤

We do love talking and illustrating astrological symbols with natural elements, even though we strictly believe the divine power is supreme to anything and everything. Art is all encompassing, and we love talking about zodiac fun traits and the glittery part about symbolism. You can also choose to meditate with floral artworks like this one! Wouldn’t your vanity room or studio feel a bit more appreciated if you gift your room a floral artwork? Yes, we draw fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, logos, beauty products, pets, plants, animals, couture, almost everything!  Of course, that would only enhance your presence in the room and bring more energy to what you do if you want something floral and relating to what your work is! ❤ If you wish to get something drawn to put up on walls or place on the table you just need to email us or DM us on Instagram . Our email is brandolishna@gmail.com 🙂

We draw just about anything, all artworks are done on archival papers and will be shipped anywhere in the world! Original pieces once sold will never be reproduced! If you can wait till summer we can assure you will see similar illustrations on our online store. But before we launch our store you can place a custom order right now, because once it goes online the prices will be high, all originals will be priced at above $500. So, hurry!

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend! Livvy and I cannot wait to show you guys more of what we have drawn. We’d love for you to join us on Facebook as well ❤ Also, check out our last artwork here

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